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Wednesday Nov 10
Friday Nov 12

7:00 pm – 9:30pm

Toronto Rewind is an online carnival of storytelling and activities presenting fresh perspectives on stories from the city's past.

"A 'weird' Toronto experience! There’s journalism, it’s cool and... a game?"

featuring stories from:


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"It made me think the internet doesn’t have to be a dumpster fire all the time."

"It was really fun and social like Nuit Blanche, minus all the walking." 

Ditch the drone of daily zoom meetings for an experience you won't forget.


This November 10 and 12, join us for Toronto Rewind, an interactive festival that will bring you into the heart of local stories told by local journalists and storytellers.

Grab your spot and invite a friend (or several) to explore our customized event grounds on the app Gather, where you'll experience stories that offer new perspectives on people, places and events from Toronto's past.

Wed, Nov 10
Friday, Nov 12
7:00 pm – 9:30pm

Tickets start at $34.99

the special edition toronto rewind box


featured editorial partners


West End Phoenix is a community newspaper devoted to reporting the many neighbourhood stories in Toronto's West End through Canadian writers and photographers. 

The Local is a Toronto-based independent digital magazine dedicated to sharing stories related to urban health and social issues in the city from diverse perspectives.

Living Hyphen is a magazine that aims to highlight various Canadian communities and experiences through short stories, poetry, illustrations poetry, and other forms of storytelling. 

The Town is a comprehensive guide to film in Toronto. We  do original reporting on Toronto's film community and industry, with a deep interest in all aspects film in one of the greatest cinema cities on earth. 

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Explore the space

Through the app Gather, we've created a digital version

of different Toronto neighbourhoods for you to explore. 

Meet new people

Make use of the video features to chat with journalists, storytellers, and other attendees as you wander the space.

Learn about Toronto

Each space you enter will feature unique video and audio performances and activities that discuss the history of people, places, and events throughout Toronto.  


Do I have to live in the GTA to attend?

This event is meant to bring the community together around local storytelling and shared experiences. We highly recommend this event for those living in the GTA, or within Ontario. But we can ship across Canada.  

What if I want to come with a group?


This event is even MORE fun when you come with a group of familiar faces! However, each person will have to use their own computer and purchase their own ticket. If you'd like to come in a group of four or more, please email us at to inquire about special group ticket pricing!

Can my computer handle this?

Gather is fully compatible on all operating systems. We highly suggest using Chrome.

Gather recommends the following system specifications:

2.4 ghz dual core

8 gb RAM


For internet speed, they recommend (You can test your internet speed here):

10 mbps download speed 

3 mbps upload speed 

So... what's in the box? 

Our package designer has worked closely with our storytellers to create a package of goodies that will enhance the Toronto Rewind experience, allowing you to engage with the event with multiple senses. 

Do I have to turn my camera on during the event?

Gather will request to use your microphone and camera when logging onto the platform but you will be able to toggle them on or off. We very highly suggest keeping them both on to optimize your experience and to emulate the real world “festival” environment, however it is not obligatory. 

Is it child friendly?

There are some references to sexually explicit scenes in film and an exhibit that explores the history of the Cannabis industry in Toronto's Kensington Market. If they are okay with this, then feel free to have them join in! Just be aware that there will be many other participants they could potentially be engaging with. 

Can I share a ticket with my friend?

Given the choose-your-own-adventure and overall social nature of the event, we suggest purchasing tickets separately so you are able to have a complete experience. Also, each ticket will only come with one special edition storytelling box.   


Is this journalism?

Yes! We are highlighting stories told by local professional Toronto journalists and storytellers, so information will be verified and fact-checked. 


Why do I have to give you my phone number? 

We use an app called Subtext, which uses texts to send you information and requests about the event directly. We promise to only send you relevant information leading up to and during the actual event (no spam).


How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for Toronto Rewind will cost $40 for one, $75 for two, and $105 for three. This price takes into consideration the time and love put into creating and sending out hand-made packages that attendees can open up and interact with on the night of the event, along with the effort put forward by our journalists, storytellers, and other contributors. 


What are you waiting for?

meet the storytellers 

meet the team 


Béatrice Ortiz Descloquemant

Eduardo Vasquez

Bridget Carter-Whitney

Roveena Jassal

Daniel Goldman

Saba Forouzan

Sean Mitchell

Lauren Belanger

Katie Swyers

& Allison Cormie-Bowins

(for you know why) 

Wed Nov 10
Fri Nov 12
7:00 pm – 9:30pm