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Missed Connections

A Live and Interactive

Journalism Experience

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presented by:


8 PM - 9 PM

Price: PWYC (Suggested $10)

Not an   ther Saturday Netflix night

Past Event


You’re also tired of the same old Zoom calls and binge streaming. 


You miss meeting new people and are craving new experiences.


We invite you to join us on November 28th for Shiny Talking People, a one-night interactive storytelling event. Come alone, bring a friend, don’t be afraid to talk to strangers. Presented by Talk Media, a Toronto-based innovative storytelling collective, you will hear and share the lives and adventures of real people from Ontario’s capital. With the theme of “Missed Connections”, we’re putting two local journalists into the spotlight to talk about what it means for Torontonians to connect with one another in 2020.

WARNING: Some content in this show may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

"The topic choice was super sick and unexpected. They were perfect Saturday night topics.­­­­"

- Leah Borts-Kuperman,

Opera Canada Magazine

"I’ve been thinking about it every day since the event."

- Dylan F.G., 


"It was interesting, it engaged me. It provoked me to think."

- Ryan Moore,


This storytelling experience features true stories that will move, challenge, and inspire you. Throughout the event, you will be invited to interact with others and form new connections while experimenting with new digital platforms - all from the safety and comfort of your own home. As this is our first pilot show, spaces are limited and you may experience the occasional technical hiccup. Registration closes on November the 20th, so get your space before it’s too late.

To be one of the first people to see this Pay-What-You-Can experience, please fill out this form. 

Registration closes on Friday, November 20th. 

Your ticket will include: 

  • Entry for one computer (we recommend no more than 2 people on one computer for the optimal experience) 

  • A special show package sent to you in the mail

  • Access to our new and easy-to-use texting experience (powered by subtext)


Adam Chen is a Torontonian, born and raised in the 'burbs of Scarborough. His work has been published in HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Greencamp, and the RRJ. On top of his role as a journalist, he is a performer and founder of Talk Media. Join Adam as he guides you through the Shiny Talking People  virtual experience!


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Yes, Shiny Talking People will be virtual, but it’s not just another Zoom call. Shiny Talking People is an intimate event that uses the online platforms Twitch and Rally to support real-time interaction between you and other storytellers. Are you ready to see journalism like you’ve never seen it before? Grab a friend and get a spot before it fills out!


Twitch is a popular live streaming platform for gamers where audiences can chat with and interact with the gamer while watching them play. (AOC’s recent live-stream made headlines as the most-watched Twitch stream of all time.)


Rally isn't your traditional video call. The Toronto-based video platform lets you hop between breakout rooms with one click while hearing the exciting chatter of tables around you, with an option of jumping on stage. (See how it works)


Why can't we find you on social media?

We try to follow an anti-algorithmic philosophy - avoiding platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We'd much rather get to know you outside of the  echo-chamber.  

Why is this event using multiple platforms? 

For us, the platform is part of the story. So we’ve built our stories around the functionality of the platforms we’re using. Think of it as an event taking place in multiple locations - except you don’t have to leave your chair.

Can my computer handle this?

Both platforms are fully compatible with Google Chrome on laptop or desktop computers, on all operating systems. Please use Chrome version 72 or later. For internet speed you’re looking at 3 mbps upload/download speed. If your computer is several years old, it may start to get a little heated.

I want to bring someone - How do I do it?

If you’d like someone to join alongside you on the same computer, you’ll only need to pay for one ticket. However, you’ll need to register two participants when signing up so both of you will get your own mail delivery and individual access to our pre-show texting program.


If you’d like someone who lives elsewhere to join you, simply forward this landing page to them and make sure they sign up before the tickets run out!

Is this journalism?

Our storytellers are trained local Toronto journalists, and all information will be verified and fact-checked. So…. yes?

What do I need to participate in this event? Can I just use my phone? 

We've developed this experience around using a computer, so we can't promise a quality experience on mobile. You’ll need access to a computer with a webcam and mic. You’ll also need Google Chrome, and a computer capable of watching live-streams.

Do I have to turn my webcam on?

It’s not obligatory, but we believe your experience will be enhanced if you turn on your camera and are ready to make some new connections!

What is this pre-show texting thing? Do I really have to give my phone number? 

Using the new platform Subtext, we will be sending you information and requests regarding the event directly through text message. Don’t worry, we won’t send any spam.

How should I dress up for this event?

Our dress code is Donald Duck Casual (semi-casual up top, laissez-faire on the bottom!)

How much does this ticket cost? 

It’s a pay what you can event, but the suggested amount is $10.

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